We are delighted that you are considering Promise Kids Learning Academy and understand that this is an important decision for you and your family. Whether it’s tomorrow, or twenty years from now, you can feel confident knowing you’ve made the right choice.

We treat all children that enter our center as family. It is important that your children feel secure with us in any of our many roles: teacher, nurturer, playmate, gardener, chef, toy connoisseur, puppet master, ouches-kisser and make-pretender. Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows us to provide love, support and individualized care to each child enrolled in our center. Our staff care for your children as they would their own.

Promise Kids Learning Academy is a child care center like none other. Ours is a private, family-owned and -operated facility where we provide quality care for infants to preschoolers. We pride ourselves on our staff who are highly trained in early childhood education and child development and our nutritious meals prepared daily.

To ensure the highest safety precautions of your child, background and finger-print checks are performed before we hire our educators and annually thereafter. We encourage ongoing parent-teacher communication because every child is special to us and we value parent participation and input.


Promise Kids Learning Academy believes in the education of the whole child.  Our  kids are nurtured in intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth.  The parents, the essential educators, work in partnership with our staff and teachers to accomplish this goal.  We hope to empower our students with the belief that they can successfully move forward in their academics and life


Our core values at PKLA are safety, health, and education.

Safety- Every decision that is made goes through the question, “Is this safe?”. We will not make decisions that jeopardize the safety of our students.

Health- We are providing our students fresher veggies such as broccoli and carrots and having them experience and try a variety of other healthier choices. We have a nutritionist on staff that has a passion for educating young children about making healthier food choices and trying new things.

Education- With my background in education and working with K-12 teachers and students, I know first-hand that building the foundation of education starts in the primary stages. Every PKLA student will be sent home with a daily activity sheet that identifies the concepts that were taught for that day along with toileting, nap times and behavior. The connection between school and home is very important, and we would like to share what we are learning so that it continues at home.



I love the colorful lessons, which come with STEM experiments and MUSIC and crafts. The MEALS ARE ALWAYS FRESH with many opportunities to partake of vegetables and fruits. The MKA director and staff have taken the time to ensure that my child’s experience is personalized and memorable. MY CHILD IS VERY HAPPY HERE!


I feel confident

They take amazing care of my children. I feel confident they are always safe, happy, nurtured and learning.

Zalla Otten

Lovely school!

Lovely school! Staff is very kind and caring. They do a wonderful job teaching and nurturing my child. March 5, 2018

Excellent staff

Excellent staff, intentional curriculum, experiential learning, visible learning milestones and a happy child…we cannot ask for more! We feel confident her MKA education will place her ahead of the kindergarten curriculum standards and ready to enter “big school” with confidence. ~Day Mullings July 20, 2017

Day Mulling


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