Early childhood is a special time for children and parents to experience the joy and wonder of discovery. This is a time of exploration in an environment of trust. Each age group follows a lesson plan that cultivates brain development equipping the children with the necessary tools to interpret and express themselves proficiently yielding life-long learners and productive citizens. Our goal and objective is to meet each area of development with meaningful materials that support each child’s development and learning through:

    • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
    • Social-Emotional Skills
    • Communication Skills (Written and Verbal) and
    • Cognitive Skills


Fun and yet rigorous classroom environments that prepares students for mastery and future educational success.


English, Spanish and sign language are incorporated in lessons that progresses students towards language fluency.


Freedom of imagination is developed through self-selected enrichment activities and play.


Kinesthetic and Tactile methods are used to help progress in the stages of early childhood development skills.


Indoor and outdoor play areas encourages daily mobility and exercise.


Students’ are made aware of values and beliefs of various cultures that make up the community in which they live.


Daily lessons and activities incorporate science concepts, the use of technology, engineering principals, creative artistic methods and mathematical reasoning.


Procedures and routines promote safety practices that are applied to daily living skills.


Our curriculum includes hands-on, real-world experiences using manipulative materials to help support conceptual development of early childhood skills that prepares students for kindergarten and beyond. We are incorporating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) activities as well as building literacy skills while having fun. Each student builds a portfolio to showcase their learning and to review their progress.

We Partner with Parents

Promise Kids Learning Academy believes in forming a partnership with our parents in the task of educating the children. Parental involvement is very important; therefore, we join forces with you in the process of maintaining the vision by challenging and stimulating each child in order to reach his or her full potential.

Daily Communication

Daily communication is important to the success of our students’ educational growth. Electronic daily sheets are provided to parents for each student in our care. The daily sheet provides information regarding activities, meals and learning experiences.


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