We provide a balance of activities quiet activities, to individual, small and large group activities, child-initiated and adult-initiated activities, indoor and outdoor play activities. Our goal is to make sure each child leaves at the end of the day happier and wiser.

Infant-Toddler Curriculum (0 months through 17 months) Infants are involved with stimulating, hands-on play. Teachers focus on language development by talking with children, communication in sign language, reading to them, and making musical activities a part of the daily routine. Social skills are developed as children get older and can interact in small groups. Indoor and outdoor activities are also part of each day’s activities.

Toddler Curriculum (18 months through 36 months)  In small groups, teachers focus on helping toddlers interact and explore the sights, sounds, and textures around them. Activities include dramatic play, Spanish, sign language, exploration of their environment, blocks, puzzles, painting, clay, music and movement. Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace and teachers understand the importance of helping toddlers feel secure. A responsive and nurturing environment is key to successful learning. Monthly themes, weekly topics and daily activities keep the curriculum focused and fun from our toddlers and up.

Preschool Curriculum (3 1/2 years through 5 years) The daily adventures continue into preschool, and with them come the steppingstones for a lifetime of learning with loving and skilled teachers.  Our teachers guide children in developing early skills in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts and technology. Indoor and outdoor activities and play areas further enhance the learning and growth.

School Age Program  (5 years through 12 years) Promise Kids Learning Academy offers a safe, convenient program for after-school hours, school holidays, and other school closings. The overall goal of the after-school program is to help children develop valuable skills while encouraging the smart choices and healthy habits that last a lifetime. We provide a nurturing, stimulating, and fun environment where children further their learning experiences and explorations.


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